Sometimes the universe takes the reigns and all you can do is hold on for dear life hoping you won’t splat face first onto the ground. Other times, one can gently take the reigns from the universe and direct your life they way you need it to go. If only the latter was the norm and not the exception…

However, I am turning 30 this year, which means i am half way to 60. *gasp* This age dilemma is forcing my hand a little as it feels like I have not achieved anything of note. How quickly will I be forgotten if I were to kick the bucket tomorrow. Probs… very quickly. As I am not dead yet and so many people from my younger years have disappeared from my life all ready.

So this is my challenge; to be my own cheerleader to do everything extra big to chase every dream and to run an empire but the time I am 37. No more bowing down to the universe. No more waiting for things to happen… no more.

So in the spirit of grabbing life by the tits… a couple of pretty pictures. If any of these makes your eyes sparkle and you can see yourself wearing the image on a shirt or a hoodie or a… face…hat…  you know what I mean. Comment below, or on Facebook or on instagram or twitter or send me a hand written letter with a wax seal. I don’t care just communicate.

I am thinking of dreaming up very pretty quotes to go along with the pictures. So that you can literally wear your heart on your sleeve. I will post more examples as I figure them out.  If there is anyone out there who knows an awesome seamstress or a fabulous tailor who is up for a a challenge, please contact me on above mentioned platforms or even make use of pigeon post if you so feel like it, yes, I am looking at all those beautiful hipsters. (do you see how i make jokes)

I will also be posting some awesome illustrations from Disco.panda in the future who will also be designing some awesome original prints for us. But we shall get to her in my next post.

Anyways, enough waffling I present some example pictures:


Example 4
Example 5
Example 6
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

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