Next week I will celebrate my second month anniversary in Cape Town. This alone is amazing because it feels like yesterday that I landed at Cape Town  International with my two Pekingeses in tow.

When I realized I have reached the two month barrier I got a little panicked, my first line to myself; “you have been here for two months and you  have done nothing spectacular!”

But then I went onto my phone and the pictures I saw made me realize that I have actually been a very busy panda. So here is a little list for everyone who is looking for some weekend fun.


The Company’s garden.

This is the oldest garden in South Africa, it’s origins stemming from Jan Van Riebeeck’s vegetable garden that the used to feed the original colony. It is quite awe inspiring walking through this garden and seeing the massive trees hovering over all the paths. The buskers playing various instruments and the vast amount of squirrels add towards this old world charm. If you try you can actually imagine people walking these same paths 150 years ago. A lady with a parasol and dainty shoes promenading, on her way to tea, a gentlemen with a hat and pocket watch twirling his ostentatious moustache.

Before I go off on too much of a tangent about time travelling imaginary folk…

In short if you are looking to just loose the troubles of the modern world and you don’t have time to leave the city just go take a walk to nowhere in these stunning gardens.


Kids playing at a pond in Century City

On the last Friday of every month there is a Night Market in Century City. My offices are here so last month we decided to go check it out after work. Century City itself is a confounding place at first. It looks like a miniature Sandton, but completely fenced off, and much much prettier. It is small city within a city, all the architecture is roman inspired and the traffic is surprisingly chill for a place with so many business and apartment buildings. Am I making any sense in explaining this place?

So to get to the night market we parked our car three blocks away from where the GPS told us too and we started walking. As a Joburger it is still completely unusual for me to walk places because no one in Joburg ever walks any were really. We rounded a bend and happened upon a park where people were doing yoga, there was a group of kids running around, woman were walking their dogs and joggers were sweating it out. It was a scene that I have only seen in movies before. Complete tranquil city living bliss.

We finally made it to the night market where we continued to stuff ourselves with amazing food, there was a very big selection of different types of food. And it took us a while to settle on what we wanted. Off course we ended the night with a chocolate, banana and strawberry crepe. All in all a very successful Friday evening.


A Small Roadtrip

The View from the coastal road just outside Betties Bay on our way to Hermanus

Looking at above picture one might think that this is some windows wallpaper. Or that there may be a hobbit hiding in the trees. But this is the view for most of the drive on the coastal road towards Hermanus. Massive mountains on your left and the shimmering ocean on your right. It is a slow drive as the road snakes it’s way along the jagged coastline, hugged in tightly by the Mountains. At some points there are massive signs saying drive at own risk, rock slides possible. But even those warning signs could not dim the beauty of this stretch of road. It was breathtaking and soul cleansing all at the same time. Hermanus is a coastal town 150 km outside of Cape Town. Known for it’s wine and friendly locals. It was a stunning weekend filled with laughter, wine and new friends.

And with this picture of the Shire my first ‘Super Dooper Weekend Fun List’ (it’s a working title) comes to an end.

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