It has been a long time since I posted an actual blog. It has been a couple of very uninspiring months. I guess I lost focus a little, sitting in an office for ten hours at a time and then struggling through traffic for another three hours can have that affect.

But I realised this week that I had to start doing something creative again or  I may just loose my mind all together. So in short, I am looking for models. I can not pay you as this is more a stress relieving hobby project. But I can promise you high quality images that will be a little different than the usual studio snore fest that tends to do the rounds.


So, if you find yourself in the general Johannesburg area on a Saturday or Sunday and you are looking for something to do, please message me on Instagram or Facebook. Or even here on my website. We will take some awesome shots, have some fun and I can even stick you for a post shoot drinky drink.

Looking forward to meeting all of you awesome humans.

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