When I first started out as a photographer my biggest fear was photographing kids. I was worried that they would be afraid of the camera. And let’s be honest a random human shoving a camera in your face can be traumatising, especially when you are equal lengths to a pot plant. I have countless studio photos of myself bawling my little kid eyes out. Shame, I can just imagine how my mom must have felt every time a day trip to the photographer ended up in snot and tears.

Kids are honest, and if they don’t like something they will make damn sure you know it. I eventually came to a decision that whenever I had a mom who wanted pictures of her child, I would just let them play and photograph them from a distance. No studio, no glaring lights, no artificial nonsense. Just pure, unscripted moments, images a honest as a child.

This little girl was the first ever child I photographed. She made it so easy, she was singing “Let It Go” the whole time. Playing with her puppy and telling me about her day.  She decided that she had to wear my butterfly ring because it will look beautiful in her picture. I agree, butterflies suit her. 
This little girl made me run around the park for two hours straight. She was like a cute little tornado, splashing in the water, picking flowers, whirling in big circles; telling me I had to carry her for a little while because she was very scared of thorns. I just love her hairstyle, very stylish.
This is one of my all time favourite images, these two sisters love each other so much. And little sister will always look at her big sister first to see what see is doing. The dynamic between these two were so sweet and beautiful. And don’t you just love their matching outfits?
She was telling me here about a rock she picked up, she was very proud and hundred percent convinced that it was a magical crystal. I just had to grab the moment to get a picture of those lovely curls.
She was very excited to show me how well she could walk on this tree stump, the umbrella according to her was there because it matched her skirt.
They were busy drawing stars and moons on the road with chalk. She asked me why I wasn’t drawing, I told her; “because I am trying to draw you with my camera.” That is the face I captured at that exact moment.
And one final one of this little whirling dervish. She overcame her fear of thorns. I love how free kids are when they run, as if they may actually reach the horizon.


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