I am a very big fan of photoshop. But not the run of the mill airbrushing photoshop that a lot of people like. Mine, is a little undefined. I like my pictures to tell a story and I shamelessly use photoshop at times to convey this message. I am not going to explain any of the pictures, I will simply add a caption. Like all art and poetry, this is subjective. Feel free to leave a comment if you would like to discuss any of them. In the near future I may do a post about each photograph, the before and after and a little background on my thought process.

Please keep in mind that these pictures are not meant to convey reality, they are merrily a projection of it.

For purposes of copyright I would like to mention that some of these pictures were a collaboration between a friend and myself. And I will place relevant credit; as well as links in the picture caption.

So let’s get started.

All that live must die
I’ll dream a dream for you
Summer will always smell like you” *Main subject photograph taken by Niel Van Rooyen.


Your Darkest desire, in your Brightest dream” *Main subject photographed by Niel Van Rooyen.  
Imagine…” Main subject and window background photographed by Niel Van Rooyen.  

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