As of today I Lumo you officially has it’s own domain. You can now easily reach this site by simply typing in Pretty nifty right. This post is also celebrating the fact that I finally have an actual real internet connection at home, so now I can annoy you every night after work. So in honour of this celebration I will post five of my favourite images of beautiful, strong ladies.

“The world spins madly on” yep this song comes to mind every time I see this picture.
When an image becomes a reflection within a reflection (I love how this one looks almost like a picture of painting) Sometimes dirty surfaces make the best quality textures.
Sometimes less is more and with an expression like that; good light is all I needed to make this image speak a thousand words.
You know that perfect moment that only lasts for a couple of seconds when the sun turns everything to gold… this is that moment
Stormy clouds is the best thing that can happen to any photographer. True story.

This is the end of my top five for today. Let me know if you are interested in playing model for a day. Just message me on facebook or leave a comment below this post.


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