It never seems like a good idea to get up early on a Saturday morning. Especially for a hibernating bear like myself. A couple of weeks ago I signed up for a blogging workshop, which is why I found myself in Joburg CBD early on a Saturday morning.

Gandhi Statue

Heather guided us on a walking tour as part of the workshop. This isn’t my first rumble with the streets of Joburg, but this time around I was able to bring a camera with; to document the forgotten beauty of inner-city Johannesburg. We took a leisurely stroll through Gahndi square watching some over zealous EFF supporters dancing and singing. The buildings we passed are all architecturally beautiful; some had an air of being forgotten around them, the windows dark and the doors shuttered.  But what made my heart lighter was seeing some of these forgotten marvels in the midst of renovations.

The historic abandoned Post Office in the background, it was built in 1897 and abandoned in 1996. Ten years later it was ravaged by a fire.

Which brings me to Joziburg lane, an old warehouse, resurrected, and busy rising from the dilapidated Eloff street like a phoenix from the ashes. A beautiful concept including apartments, art studios and restaurants all in one place. And like the huge sign says as you enter the lane, “Joburg Reborn” We all get bombarded by so many negative things on a daily basis that it is so amazing to see places like Joziburg lane, Maboneng and Juta street in the throes of change. It is so nice to be part of that change, to see the inner city starting to bloom like a flower after winter. (very corny metaphor, but I am feeling poetic)


It is rather amazing to live in a country where you immediately become a tourist as soon as you step outside of your comfort zone.

Big things are happening, are you a part of it?

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