The Twin

If you guys don’t know, I am part of an awesome twin package. Now, I have to confess we did not exit the same womb, but our souls were definitely matched in the universe before we ever entered this earth.


I met her at AFDA, the place that stole both our souls, and made us wonder if we would ever be able to look at writing and drawing ever the same again. We learned a lot there, how to survive when all the odds were against us, how to fight an unfair system. And how to make and loose a lot of friends. Truth be told if it wasn’t for her I would not have survived those three years in tact.

To be able to explain the bond we share will be nearly impossible, but I can try some words to paint a picture. A long table named Avalon, drinking games and lazy mornings. Unplanned road trips and boy gossip with wine. Stupid jokes, warm beaches and sipping beer in the Andaman ocean. Full moon party shenanigans and staying up till five watching family guy. 10 hour long you tube videos and Overstay adventures. All you can eat sushi, a bar named ratz and a night named spring fling.

This girl is my confidant, my pillar and a dreamer just like me. We try to see the world for how beautiful it can be, but sometimes we get sucked into the ugliness of society. And this is when we help each other the most. To see the beauty in life again. At this moment she is living in America, five time zones away from me. It has been difficult not having her by my side, not being able to do dumb shit with her. But I know that no matter what time it is if I need her she will be there, and if she needs me I will punch a hole the sun to help her.

We have shared everything, from a bed, to a cupboard to a pillow to shoes ( we were very poor in Thailand) and we never ever get tired of each other. She is half of what I am, my Parabatai.

I will post some of our adventures here with awesome pictures in the near future. Believe me, you will be entertained.

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