The Boyhuman

I realized this week that in order for you guys to understand and enjoy these posts you will need some background on the characters that frequent my life.

So, in honour of a birthday being celebrated tomorrow I figured I will make this post about the Boyhuman…

Full disclosure, last year December I was going through a bit of an existential crisis. Myself and my twin (who I will dedicate an entire post to later) ended up frequenting Ratz in Melville almost every night. Fifty percent of the time I was wearing pajamas because I could not even get myself to make the effort to get dressed to go drinking. On the eve after New years we were once again focusing on smashing a bottle of wine in our face when we decided to go on Tinder. I used sweet sweet lines from Anchor man, Ron Burgundy to lure in prey and ended up calling this certain boyhuman my bitch several times in my wine induced state. Long story short; it is a year and a half later and we are living together in a tiny fairytale cottage on top of the hill in Northcliff with a crazy dog named Ringo, and life is beautiful. He is the reason I want to be awesome, and he has been such an amazing influence on my life. I truly can not imagine a life without this Boyhuman in it.


So in dedication of his Birthday tomorrow, I will just like to tell the whole world. That I freaking love this Boyhuman of mine to the moon and back!

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