Rainy Melville and some Feminism

I technically live in Northcliff Johannesburg, but my heart has always been with Melville. Right now I am sitting in a cozy internet cafe called IT corner on 7th street, lounging in a soft Wingback chair sipping some coffee. The cloudy street outside the window filled with characters that I can watch all day. In short I love Melville. I will dedicate a whole entire post in the future about my love affair with Melville. But I intended this post to be about something else.  So here goes…


This picture is one of all time favourites. (I like it so much it actually features as a headliner on the about page of this blog.) A lot of people I have spoken to do not like it at all. Which I don’t get, to be honest. This particular model was so much fun to work with. I don’t know if she knows this but she was my first ever paying customer. I was so nervous that the pictures would not come out as I had it in my head, but thanks to her being so ridiculously photogenic it came out better than I ever thought possible.

What gets me about this picture is the organic way her hands and arms are holding on to this almost ethereal piece of cloth. The expression of her face and the stance of her body makes it look like she is an avenging angel. And whenever I look at this picture two words flash into my head, quiet strength. Now maybe I am just over thinking this because I took the picture, but to me this shows the perfect contrast of strength and fragility in every woman on earth. We are pretty to look at, but break us and we will destroy you. Sorry boys, I had to add a tad of feminism in here, I am after all a wannabe photographer, a profession which we all know to be dominated by men. So if there are any other struggling lady photographers out there, trust me, I feel your pain.

If you however only like this picture because of this amazingly stunning girl, well then that is okay as well. 🙂

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