Okay, so I know it is ridiculous to be posting another one today. But I saw this picture on my laptop just now and I realised how much I have to say about it.

A little backstory before I show you the picture. Last year September was an especially difficult time for my family. My mom was diagnosed with cancer and it hit all of us really hard. Back then my only prerogative was to help my mom be strong. I don’t think I processed anything of it consciously until about February this year. But now looking back at the pictures I was taking at that time for some of my clients I realise now that I was more positive than I gave myself credit for.


This particular picture I remember editing in Photoshop biting back tears. Because it was such a beautifully innocent picture. And with what was going on in my life at that point I think I reached for the beautiful in everything to try and make sense about all the ugly that was surrounding myself and my family.  I am not going to go too much into this because this blog is only one day old and I don’t want to scare anyone away. So back to happy things.

This particular little girl was one of the most mature and professional little humans that I have ever met in my life. If you know me you know me I am not a very big fan of teacup humans, but strangely enough the most fun I had on any shoot was with little teacup humans. I was quite nervous before this shoot because she was one of the first ‘tweens’ that I photographed, but with this particular girl all of that worry was for nothing. The one thing I love about certain models is how comfortable they are in front of a camera. And as you can see that ease shines straight through the lens onto the image.

As soon as my finger lifted off the shutter I knew that this image was going to be something special, and it was. It eases my soul every time I look at it. It is a picture perfect moment about how beautiful life truly is. And if you only like it because of the cute teacup human, well that is fine as well. 🙂

2 Replies to “When life comes Knocking”

  1. Wow thank you so much for placing my princess on your blog you made her feel so comfortable that day think we all had some fun xx


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