I have been wracking my brain for the last two weeks about what I would like this blog to be about. And then it hit me. It will be about life. Ordinary, brilliantly blinding, life.

I moved back to Johannesburg a couple of months ago. I started a relatively successful Photography company in a tiny town called Potchefstroom but then life happened and it kind of got left on the wayside. By Photography standards I am a mix between a newbie and an old timer. I studied Motion Picture at AFDA which means I understand all about composition and light and all the other nitty gritty things one needs to be a photographer. However I have only been the proud owner of a proper SLR camera for about a year. This is all thanks to my amazing, strong as the mountains mother. She helped me find a path to a dream I gave up on.

So for my first couple of official posts I will share some of the images I have taken in the last year.


This is one of my favourites. I am not sure why because it isn’t one of my best. I have this strange obsession with all things abandoned and forgotten and this specific image was taken in front of the skeleton of a once proud water slide. Now all that is left is an empty swimming pool and concrete pillars. What makes this image so bittersweet to me is the fact that as a child I used to play on this specific water slide every holiday. Sometime between me going to high school and growing up it was destroyed. At the moment that I took this photo I felt like I was making a perfect juxta-position between the past and the present by placing this beautiful seventeen year old girl in the middle of a half forgotten child memory of mine. This may sound a bit self involved, but most art stems from a narcissistic place. Or at least that is why I tell myself too soothe any pangs of vain guilt.

Whether or not this image captured this feel is entirely not up to me but to every person who looks at this image. I hope this image awakens a melancholy half forgotten child memory in every one who sees it. Or if you just like it because of the pretty girl that is fine too. 🙂

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